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When renting by subscription, the client pays for the first month. Then the cost of the month's rent is deducted monthly on the same day from the customer's card.
The customer pays the rent
The client uploads his document photos from his phone or computer. We verify their authenticity and data instantly. The client then takes selfies with his passport. This way we guarantee that the client has uploaded the correct documents.
The client uploads his passport and driving license
We check documents for authenticity and presence of data in various databases. In case of concerns, we will notify you a few minutes after the documents have been uploaded so that you can make a decision.
Customer verification
On the eve of the handover of your vehicle, we send your customer data directly to your IT system via a secure connection.
Providing customer data for fast check-in
If a customer cancels an order, you can return the payment to the customer's card. In the personal cabinet rental specifies how much should be returned to the client for each order.
Cancellation or reduction of payment
If you have to bill the customer at the end of the rental for damage, an empty fuel tank, a rental extension, or a fine, all you have to do is specify the amount of the bill and upload an invoice on company letterhead with the basis for the charge. We will debit this amount from the customer's card and credit your bank account.
If the customer does not agree with the reason for writing off, we will refer the customer to you to clarify the circumstances. In the event of litigation, we will comply with the court order. In any case, it remains the responsibility of the rental company to settle disputes with customers.
Dispute Resolution
How to integrate
On counter solution

In your personal cabinet you create an order description (deposit amount, dates and contract number). Then you add DepositFree fee to your invoice and we are ready to cover any expenses.
API integration

When a customer clicks the "Pay" button on your website, he gets redirected to Cardoo payment form which is integrated into your website as part of it.

Integration takes 1-2 days.
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