Cardoo HQ is a team of passionate fintech & IT enthusiasts who build a world without deposits and give people financial freedom for travelling
About us


Providing convenient financial services based on trust and simplicity

Cardoo is a fintech company providing game-changing solutions to rental companies worldwide since Feb 2021.

We build a new financial world, where people trust each other.

Cardoo is a provider of these trustful relationships. We satisfy the needs of end-users fast and easily - without complex procedures and useless bank services.

Our flagship product, DepositFree, eliminates the need for security deposits in the rental industry. We work together with rental companies to help travelers enjoy their trips. This collaboration also saves time for employees, allowing them to focus on providing better and more competitive services.

The Cardoo team is a diverse group of talented professionals with backgrounds in finance, technology, customer service, and the travel industry, which enables us to better understand and address the challenges faced by both customers and businesses.


Speed & freedom

Europe: UK, Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Cyprus, Albania

Africa: Morocco, Namibia, Uganda, Botswana, Nigeria, Tanzania, South Africa, Seychelles

Middle East: UAE, Qatar, Turkey, Egypt

Asia: India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia, Armenia, Azerbaijan

America: Mexico, Dominicana

Meet the team
  • Alisher Murtazaev
    Chief Executive Officer / Founder
    Ex-CEO of MoneyWall, BNPL ("buy now, pay later") service for Eastern Europe airlines (>45% of market covered)
  • Daniil Ivanov
    Chief Operating Officer / Co-founder
    Ex-CEO of a group of factoring companies (100M$ size of portfolio managed), ACCA member
  • Astislav Bozhevolnov
    Chief Technology Officer / Co-founder
    Ex-Senior Product Manager of software development at Rostelecom and Fock Physics Institute, founder of early growth start-up – solution for marketplace data analysis
  • Stanislav Pushtorsky
    Chief Risk Officer / Co-founder
    Ex-VP of NFC bank to introduce factoring operations in Eastern Europe
  • Alexander Kabakov
    Vice President of Strategy and Product Innovation
    Ex-VP at Group with 10+ years expertise in venture
  • Arina Lorefice
    International Partnership Manager
    Tel./Whatsapp: +393 476 729 264
    11+ years experience in FMCG (Mars Inc). 8+ years in sales with 42M$ responsibility area, and 3+ years in shopper marketing roles.
  • Dmitrii Elchaninov
    International Partnership Manager
    Tel./Whatsapp: +44 20 8638 0991
    6+ years building partnerships with clients in medical device and IT with $35M area of responsibility. 2+ years of sales experience in international markets (DACH, CIS, MENA regions)
  • Vladimir Grigorov
    International Partnership Manager
    Tel./Whatsapp: +374 913 670 56
    4+ years of experience in international B2B sales & partnerships. International master franchising with Dodo Pizza brand and machinery trading with POSCO International, South Korea
  • Daria Grigorieva
    Quality Assurance Manager
    Tel./Whatsapp +372 712 4334
    Managing international communications in e-commerce for over 5 years. Helped 3000+ online entrepreneurs to open their businesses. Local startup co-owner
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