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DepositFree financial service
Benefits for car rental companies
Build loyalty and trustful relationships to retain customers and increase profit
Boost order value by 63% as clients upgrade car categories without a deposit

Save time on operations & money on bank fees when returning deposits

· Financial freedom and more money on hands
· Car upgrade – expand your boundaries
· No stress about when the security deposit gets unblocked
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How DepositFree Works
Cardoo provides your company with a paymentcard for deposit holds, with a limit equal to your average monthly security deposits.
You offer customers the DepositFree option - rent without a deposit for a small fee, or rent with a standard deposit.
Clients pay a DepositFree fee: 0.8% of the deposit amount per rental day for short-term rentals (up to 2 weeks). For long-term rentals, a regressive scale is applied.
If damage or fines occur, you charge the Cardoo card, and thus close the file.
Benefits for real estate companies
More tenants: No security deposit attract a larger pool of renters.
Faster occupancy: DepositFree rentals lead to faster turnaround times.

Stronger relations: DepositFree option improve landlord-tenant relationships.

· Financial freedom and more money on hands
· Property upgrade – expand your boundaries
· No stress about when the security deposit gets unblocked
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  • Up to 40% rental checks increase: clients spend more on extra services & car upgrades when they have more financial freedom, and more loyal to you
  • Saving time on financial operations.
    You don't need time for control the payments anymore as they are done by us
  • No bank transaction issues with deposit returns & chargebacks. Credit cards are issued from small and big banks worldwide, but you won't need to contact them!
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