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DepositFree: It's easy to get started
to calculate the monthly security deposit amount required to cover ongoing monthly deals. You could suggest DepositFree as an additional option for your clients or apply it as a rule for your property.
we'll sign an Agreement with your company and provide our DepositFree calculator. Following your Rental terms, we'll cover all deposit-related cases such as damages, unpaid rent or cleaning costs. The partnership is free, with all data kept secure for you and your clients.
Cardoo will provide you with a physical or virtual credit card for security deposit purposes for each rental location. You will use cards instead of your clients' cards for placing deposits.
We'll provide your company with marketing materials, including email, messenger, and social media campaigns, all tailored to your brand. Launch the campaign and enjoy an increase in conversions of up to 25% online!
is paid by the client, which is 0.8% of the deposit amount per day for short-term rentals (up to 2 weeks). For long-term rentals, the fee is based on a regressive scale. By paying this small fee, your clients can experience a stress-free living and spend their money on activities instead of tying it up in a security deposit.
5. DepositFree FEE
Document the damages as usual and ask the client to pay for them upon departure. If the client refuses, immediately charge the Cardoo card, provide us documents and the file is closed.
How to integrate

In your personal cabinet you create an order description: deposit amount, dates and contract number. Then you add DepositFree fee to your invoice, and we are ready to cover any expenses.

The solution is instantly ready for implementation
Add the DepositFree option to your online booking module, with assistance from the Cardoo team for API integration. On-site and in-app DepositFree option provenly brings up to 25% more orders from your clients.

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